Summer Activities That Help Prevent Vein Disease

If you have varicose veins, you may be wondering if you should exercise or if exercise makes varicose veins worse?

Generally, exercise helps keep veins healthy and promotes circulation. As the weather warms up and you begin to spend more time outside, there are many different opportunities to promote vein health!  Here’s a list of exercise ideas for summertime.

  1. Swimming - When you kick your legs under water, the force also pushes the blood out of your legs, especially if your legs are horizontal to your heart.  Besides its circulation benefits, swimming is a great choice for overall muscular and cardiovascular health.

  2. Walking - On a cool summer night, grab your family or a friend and go on an easy walk! This strengthens your calf muscles and also increases circulation.  This low-impact exercise is easy on your joints and promotes healthy blood flow.

  3. Cycling - Just like walking, cycling will also promote calf muscle strength while also keeping the blood in your legs pumping through your heart. Whether you hop on a stationary bike at the gym or find some scenic outdoor trails, you’ll be preventing vein disease while also getting a fun workout in!

  4. Rollerblading - Maybe you’ve stored the blades from your teenage years in a box in the garage, but it’s not a bad idea to dust them off! Rollerblading can be a fun exercise that also helps with circulation in the lower body.

  5. Paddle Boats (aka water bikes) - If you’re near a body of water, and have the opportunity to try paddle boating out, it’s a definite must! This boat is propelled forward by its passengers pedaling almost in the same way you’d pedal a bike.  The cool thing about this is you can spend time on the water and enjoy time with a partner.

During the Summer, there are multiple ways to get that blood pumping and promote the health of your veins, especially the ones that are prone to vein disease! One thing that you shouldn’t forget is that kicking your feet up after a long day also helps circulation, so get your exercise in and then rest up with your feet elevated.

Dr. Hansen