Maintaining Healthy Veins

The decision to seek treatment for your varicose and spider veins is a wise investment in both your health and quality of life. Once you’ve completed the treatment process with Physicians Vein Clinics it is important to continue your progress at home by implementing some simple lifestyle choices in your daily activities. These common sense practices are highly beneficial in deterring future problems from developing and keeping your venous system healthy and strong.

First and foremost, a healthy body weight is pertinent to a healthy venous system. Obesity plays a significant role in venous insufficiency and will greatly compromise the vital improvement experienced from your venous treatments. Dr. Hansen encourages his patients to keep a healthy weight in order to optimize the continuing health and improvement of their veins.

One of the most effective tools in maintaining both a healthy weight and a healthy venous system is exercise. Exercise increases blood flow and strengthens circulation, inhibiting blood from pooling n the veins. Dr. Hansen advocates walking as his exercise of choice. It is a low-impact activity that effectively stretches and strengthens your legs, improving the efficiency of blood flow through the venous system and back to the heart.

As you continue to progress and enjoy stronger, healthier legs it’s important to remember to keep moving. A majority of careers have us either sitting or standing for long periods of time. Being in a stagnant position for these extended intervals can play havoc on your venous system’s circulation. Dr. Hansen recommends trying to walk at least five minutes each hour if possible. If this isn’t something you can fit in, he suggests getting a quick walk in during any breaks you may have throughout the day. The important thing is to take advantage of any opportunity to get moving!

Physicians Vein Clinics, partnering with you in achieving not only optimal venous health, but a full and healthy lifestyle as well.