Compression Hose

For many looking for relief from the discomfort of varicose veins and the symptoms that accompany them, compression hose play a vital role in both the treatment and recovery process. Venous disorders require time and patience to treat both correctly and effectively, there is no quick fix. That is why Physicians Vein Clinics encourage the proper and dedicated use of compression hose to accompany our procedures and treatments.

There are several imperative benefits that compression hose offer. First, they greatly improve the blood flow in your legs, gently squeezing legs and applying pressure to encourage the movement of blood up your legs and to your heart. Next, they help prevent leg swelling along with significantly reducing the risk of forming blood clots. They also assist in offering relief from symptoms that often plague those with venous disease. These include leg aching, heaviness, leg fatigue, swelling and muscle cramping.

Compression hose are available in a variety of types designed to meet the needs of each individual patient. They range from light pressure to strong pressure depending on the severity of your venous issues and what’s needed. The lengths also vary from knee high to top of the thigh or even more of a full panty hose style, so it’s important to be properly measured to get the best tailor-made fit for you. They should feel strong and supportive around your legs, with the most pressure around your ankles and lessening as they travel upwards.

Finally, it’s essential to properly care for your compression hose in order to maintain the correct support that your legs need. It’s best to wash your stockings daily with mild soap and water and allowing to air dry. It’s also recommended to consider replacing them ever 3-6 months in order to maintain optimal support.