Why Choose Physicians Vein Clinics?

At Physicians Vein Clinics, we (the staff) often talk about what would make a patient choose us. What is the decision making process for a person to choose one facility over another, one doctor over another, etc. Why would you want to walk in our door?

I believe it is what sets us apart from other medical clinics.

Being a staff member as well as having many years of experience with other medical facilities, I have seen how different places work as far as varicose vein treatments go.

Yes, varicose vein treatments have come a long way and most, if not all medical facilities treat varicose veins using the latest technologies. But there is still a difference. A difference not all places tell the patient about. There can be a slight difference in treatment, but there are huge differences when it comes to cost, recovery, activity, and resuming daily life.

Treating your varicose veins should not require a trip to an operating room, general anesthesia, post-op recovery, and the cost of the huge staff it takes to run that entire production. This doesn’t even include the time the patient must take off from work, which can equal days lost for most people.

A bill from a large hospital for this can run as much as $25,000 or more. Do you and your insurance company want to pay this amount?

What I am trying to say is that at Physicians Vein Clinics, varicose vein treatments do not have to be a huge deal.

There is no operating room and no general anesthesia (there is local anesthesia, but you are awake for the procedure). We only need your leg numb, not your entire body! There is a much higher risk of complications with general anesthesia versus being awake and able to talk to us during the entire procedure. No huge team of doctors and nurses that you have never met before working on you that YOU are paying for.

Veins are all that we do and we know how to simplify the process and get you the care and results that you deserve.