Varicose Veins Threaten Men Too

For decades, it has been a widely accepted belief that women are the only ones suffering from unsightly varicose veins. However, it turns out that the problem is also common in men, except that the males are actually keeping mum about it.   Here at our South Dakota vein treatment practice, we encourage male clients to talk about their problems with varicose veins as it could actually lead to a variety of serious medical conditions — from male infertility to insufficient blood supply.

If it has to do with the hormones, why do men have it too?

It turns out that hormones are not just the main culprits for varicose veins. A problem in your circulatory system’s valves could actually lead to the appearance of those bluish, distended veins. These valves regulate blood flow and if they fail to function well, blood will most likely collect in the vein section below the valve. Pooling of blood in the area puts pressure into the veins, making it appear enlarged and discolored. In addition, cramping, itching, and a burning sensation in the affected area may occur during prolonged periods of standing or physical activity. 

Varicose Vein Treatments For Men In Sioux Falls, SD

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