Keep Those Legs Moving!

Apart from being an eyesore, varicose veins could actually be very painful and might keep you from moving, going out, and doing a few exercises. Here at our South Dakota vein treatment practice, we urge you to think twice about staying at home the whole day as physical activity could actually help diminish the appearance and reduce pain from varicose veins.


Walking is the easiest way to get those legs moving and improve overall circulation of the lower extremities. The next time a destination is just a short distance away, walk your way to it!


The low-impact nature of swimming makes it ideal for those with varicose veins. Circulation is immensely improved without the opposing pressure from the ground such as running.


Lie on the floor on your back with hands out to your sides. Lift your legs away from the floor and do the pedaling motion as if you’re riding a bicycle. Elevate your legs while pedaling to further increase blood circulation. 

Varicose Vein Treatments in Sioux Falls, SD

Let us help you revise your diet and lifestyle for varicose-free legs! The Physicians Vein Clinic employs advanced technologies in the diagnosis and treatment of vein problems, complemented with compassionate patient care which results to positive outcomes. Schedule an initial consultation with us by calling  855-691-6346! We look forward to helping you